Heathcote Award Celebrating Dedication of Long Service - New Forest Show

Welcome to the Heathcote Award page!

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting enhancements and recommendations for the prestigious accolade, designed to recognise and celebrate individuals who have dedicated 30 or more years of exemplary service in agriculture, forestry, equestrianism or horticulture within the New Forest or Hampshire County.

The first  Heathcote Award was presented in 1977. It is truly an honour to acknowledge and commend individuals who have devoted decades of their lives to these essential sectors.  Their unwavering service enriches our environment and sustains our communities

George Heathcote or a Society nominee will conduct the award presentations on the day of the ceremony.

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Headline Criteria

To be eligible for the Heathcote Award, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Service Duration: Nominees should have served the same employer for 30 years or more at the time of nomination.
  • Geographical Focus: Service must be within the New Forest & Hampshire County, falling within our charitable objective classes: agriculture, forestry, equestrianism, or horticulture.
  • Nomination Period: Nominations will be accepted annually from September 1st to April 30th 2024
  • Annual Awards: A maximum of 3 awards will be granted each year, selected by the scrutiny panel and approved by the full board. Scoring will prioritise length of service and alignment with the charitable classes.

Process and Recognition

  • Approval Process: Scrutiny panel recommendations will be presented at the April or May Society board meeting for approval.
  • Continuity in Selection: The scrutiny panel, consisting of Sam Dovey, Jon Lowth, Aaron Lawford, and George Heathcote, will ensure continuity and fairness in the selection process.
  • Recognition for Awardees: Successful nominees will receive a printed and framed certificate, show tickets for the award presentation, and members/entry tickets for the following year. Additionally, awardees will be presented with a Heathcote Award lapel badge.
  • Unsuccessful applications: Will be notified in writing, and will be reminded that they may reapply in subsequent years.