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The Cattle section of the New Forest and Hampshire County Show is one of the most popular areas of the showground.

The New Forest Show began on Wednesday 1st September 1920 , when local farmers gathered to show their animals, including cattle. It is from this beginning that the Show has developed into the wonderful three day Show we have now.

We are excited to commence plans for a great Show and look forward to welcoming exhibitors to the Livestock section this year.  The Dairy Cattle showing will continue to be held on Tuesday and our plans are to continue with the success of our Multi-breed Dairy Cattle classes which will have special prizes for best Holstein, Jersey and Best Other Breeds within these classes. The Dairy Showmanship classes aimed at our younger cattle handlers to encourage more junior participation will provide great competition.    Beef Cattle are shown on Wednesday and the local exhibitors and Rare, Traditional British and Native breeds on Thursday. We have Showmanship Championships on Wednesday and Thursday for our livestock exhibitors of the future and classes for Veteran handlers aimed for those over 27 with no upper age limit!

The dedication shown by the exhibitors is the culmination of days and years of work with their stock. From early beginnings when a new calf arrives and they see the potential of a great breed example, many hours go into  the preparation. They start the process of training it to walk on a halter, steadily progressing until the animals will be ready to compete against other breed exhibits. With many of the exhibitors starting their day at 4.00am with baths – for the cattle – not themselves, travelling and Show preparation is a busy time. Grooming includes a lot of brushing and hair spray to achieve the perfect exhibit ready to be presented in the Ring before the Judge.

Our Grand Parade each day is a magnificent spectacle of the best livestock and happens each day in the East Ring.

The New Forest and Hampshire County Show is one of the UK’s premier agricultural Shows and attracts top livestock exhibitors and we look forward to welcoming them this year.

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