Rabbits - New Forest Show

NEW FOR 2023!


We are delighted to be showcasing ‘rabbit village’ where you can see rabbits in a revolutionary ‘Runaround’ warren style set up that allows them to display their natural behaviours. Come to the village to learn all there is to know about all aspects of rabbit care, and be inspired to give them the lives they deserve.

Definitely try this at home!

See more about Runaround here:

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund will be giving talks in Rabbit Village at 11.30 and 2.30 each day.

Get tips on how to keep your rabbits happy and healthy, how to keep them enriched and entertained, and what plants you can pick to include in a natural and healthy diet.

Come along for a chat, they love Rabbiting On! You can also buy books on rabbit friendly foraging and gardening.

See their work here:

Angel Rabbit Rescue

Angel Rabbit Rescue will be at Rabbit Village to talk about the amazing work they do.

Angel rescue is a self funded rescue who take in rabbits who have become unwanted and offered suffered neglect.

They vet check, neuter, vaccinate and get them ready for their new lives. Need help to find a partner for your single rabbit, or thinking about adopting? The angels from Angel will be happy to help. Or perhaps you could help them by becoming a volunteer, come and say hi!

See more of their work here:

Everything you need

Every village has its shops and Rabbit Village is no exception.

There will be plenty of accessories, toys, treats, and rabbit homes to browse so that you can find the perfect gift for your own bunnies!

Visit the wonderful stalls of the small rabbit businesses “Wild About Bunnies” and “Hoppy Pets” – they would love to have a chat with you too! And make sure to come and see one of “Happy Habitats” lovely rabbit homes!

Caring for our furry friends

If you love rabbits this is definitely the place for you!

Please note – Because rabbits are prey animals they can suffer stress easily. To take care of our little furry friends we can’t allow dogs into Rabbit Village, and the rabbits will not be picked up or handled.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the Show!