Axemen - New Forest Show

The Adams Axemen remain today the best known lumberjack display team in the country, regularly performing at over 50 shows a year including the New Forest Show.

Catch the Axemen in action each day!

The Adams Axemen were founded in 1966 as the New Forest Axemen, making them the longest running lumberjack display team in Great-Britain. Members of the Adams Axemen have competed around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and Europe.

It was back in 1966 at the New Forest Show that Reg Adams first saw his everyday forestry skills had been developed into a sport. Giving a display was a team of Australian Axemen. Their equipment and techniques were totally different to those that Reg was used to. In his job as a forester, he was used to working with axes and crosscut saws. Chainsaws were just starting to mechanise the falling of timber. So Reg thought this new sport was a way of keeping alive the old skill of axe and crosscut saw.

By the time the Australians returned to the New Forest Show, Reg had formed the New Forest Axemen. They had trained for the Aussies return and took them on in competition. Of course the New Forest Axemen were soundly beaten by the Australian Axemen, but the new sport of competitive axe racing had been introduced to Britain.

They will be performing regularly throughout the duration of the Show so why not take a seat sit back and their lumberjack skills and techniques live in action.