Pennyfarthing Homes Sponsoring the West Ring for 2022 - New Forest Show

Pennyfarthing Homes Sponsoring the West Ring for 2022

Pennyfarthing Homes is delighted to sponsor this year’s New Forest Show. As a Hampshire and Dorset-based housebuilder, we understand the importance of the Show to local residents, as well as the rich history of the show, having been going on for over 100 years. As a local housebuilder, it’s an honour to be part of the Show and the region’s history.


On all our developments, we strive to ensure that we both deliver high-quality homes, but also to maintain and enhance the local wildlife habitats and populations. We are the first developer to create a Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANG land) in the New Forest, demonstrating our commitment to biodiversity and the local scenery.


One of our most recent developments, Spring Meadows, has expanded outdoor communal spaces, provided footpath maintenance to allow for outdoor exploration, built children’s play and sports areas, sports facilities, and indoor leisure centres.


We also actively pursue a wildlife preservation philosophy in our developments that will see new native hedgerow and shrub planting, bat and bird boxes incorporated in the garages, as well as bee bricks used in every unit, hedgehog friendly gravel boards and flowering grassland seeding to provide nectar source for invertebrates.


For the celebration of all that Hampshire and the New Forest has to offer, from beautiful scenery to captivating wildlife, and the rich history of the Show itself, having the opportunity to sponsor the New Forest Show is an opportunity we take up with absolute pride.