Calor gives visitors top tips for buying a BBQ this summer. - New Forest Show

Calor gives visitors top tips for buying a BBQ this summer.

Calor is sponsoring the Countryside Area at the 2016 New Forest and Hampshire County Show.They have put together their top tips for buying as BBQ this summer. Read below or visit their website for more tips and information.

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Choosing the Right Gas BBQ for You

We all know how difficult it can be to choose the right gas BBQ, but whether you’re looking for an appliance that suits regular dinners outside with your family or are planning to go the extra mile and host a large BBQ party, we can guide you through choosing the right BBQ for you…

Expected guests

Firstly, consider how many people you are likely to cater for during the BBQ season. This number is likely to differ between day to day use and larger parties, but is an important part of choosing the right gas BBQ for your needs. If you are looking for a BBQ that has enough room to regularly cook for a family of four, a gas BBQ with two burners and a cooking area of up to 1800cm², such as the Broil King Gem gas BBQ, will be ideal for your needs.

However, if you are looking for something a little larger to wow the crowds at BBQ events, you will require a gas BBQ with a significantly larger cooking surface and an increased number of gas burners. This will allow for lots of food to be grilled at the same time, ensuring that no guests go waiting for their meals. If you are the regular host, look out for gas BBQs with 3 burners or more and a cooking area over 2500cm², such as the Broil King Baron 590 BBQ or the Broil King Regal S420 Pro gas BBQ, which are sure to provide you with plenty of room to cook for large groups of friends and family.

Desired features

Once you have narrowed down your selection of gas BBQs based on your cooking surface area and gas burner requirements, you should consider the features that you desire. All gas BBQs benefit from a selection of features, from folding side shelves for the perfect preparation to flavour enhancing technologies that will guarantee tasty dishes each time.

Flavour enhancing technology on gas BBQs can help to intensify the natural flavours of meat further, and this has been developed by a number of BBQ manufacturers. If this is a feature that you’d be looking for when choosing a gas BBQ, we would recommend the following BBQs:

Broil King Signet 340 gas BBQ with Flav’R’Wave – £584.99

Broil King Monarch 340 gas BBQ with Tru Infrared – £449.9

Another popular addition to gas BBQs is a warming rack. This is a second grill that is smaller in size and fits above the main BBQ grate. Its purpose is to keep cooked food warm whilst other elements of your BBQ dish are still cooking on the main grill below, helping you to serve complete meals at once and preventing any food from going cold and needing re-heating. If this is something you would find useful, choose a gas BBQ that has a warming rack included, such as the Broil King Gem Super gas BBQ.

There are many other features to look out for when choosing the right gas BBQ for you, so if you are new to barbecuing or unsure of the terms used in specification lists, consult our BBQ glossary for some handy explanations.


When buying a new gas BBQ, you want to be confident that the grill you’ve chosen is durable enough to last you for a number of years of barbecuing. A variety of different materials are used by manufacturers for the frame, main body and grill section of your gas BBQ, popularly cast iron, cast aluminium and stainless steel. The Broil King Sovereign XL gas BBQ is one example of a gas BBQ to use these materials to their full potential, delivering great durability. This BBQ is guaranteed to stand up to the excessive cooling and heating that a gas BBQ has to endure, and gas burners and a BBQ lid crafted from stainless steel to resist rust and other wear and tear.


For lots of people the ability to take their gas BBQs away with them on holiday or on days out is an important priority, therefore playing a large part in the decision process of choosing a gas BBQ. There are lots of portable gas BBQs available on the market that vary in size, features and style, and if you’re looking for something low cost, buying a portable gas BBQ can be the ideal solution.

For example, the Calor Grill2Go portable gas BBQ is only £39.98 and features a stylish design that clips straight onto the 5kg patio gas cylinder for the ultimate convenience and portability, making it ideal for fishing, festivals and other leisure activities.


Finally, perhaps your purchase decisions will be affected by the aesthetics of gas BBQs. Available in a range of colours and styles, you are guaranteed to find a BBQ that suits your personal taste.

Whatever your desired specification, style and expected number of guests, you’re certain to find the right gas BBQ for your needs at Calor.