Sheep | New Forest Show

We are very proud of our Sheep Section which has built up over the past 28 years to the wonderful show we have now.

Tuesday Sheep Results 2017

Wednesday Sheep Results 2017

Thursday Sheep Results 2017

Over the three days we have over 30 different breeds exhibiting in 145 classes.
Our education stand within the Sheep Tent is planned to provide a lot more information and we are thrilled to have the Spinners and Weavers demonstrating with us too. Look out for the wonderful ‘yarn bombing’ and displays they have ready for us.
With all the sheep come dedicated owners and handlers who are proud and pleased to talk to visitors about their particular breed of sheep. We have a commentary throughout the judging at the ringside so you can understand and learn about the sheep being presented at that time.

We are sure you will enjoy the Sheep Dog display with a difference each afternoon. Freddie and Julian Parker are farmers from Devon and to help them in their work they have border collies, the most popular breed of English sheepdog, and Australian kelpies. Laugh and take part as they use ducks for the displays to create a realistic demonstration of these dogs at work.

The Sheep Section is a wonderful part of the Show and we hope you enjoy your visit here.


Duck Hearding