Old Time Farming | New Forest Show

With the advent of the steam engine agriculture began to see big changes and we are proud of our steam exhibits. From driving the saw bench to powering the Threshing machine, steam is only the beginning of the story.

With harvest comes the cider and so appropriate that we have New Forest Cider using their Press to show the apples being crushed and enjoy a taste of the juice.

Stationery engines are a part of the static displays as they too were so important for the production of electricity to power milking machines, light and pumps.

We move on into the early 1900’s with the first production tractors, many which featured in food production throughout the First and Second World Wars. The little Grey Ferguson is always a favourite and each day you can see the parade of vehicles in the main Ring.

A particular favourite for everyone is the Farmhouse kitchen where local corn is milled and ground to flour for the ladies to make into bread and cakes. So whether you enjoy farming, machinery or simply to visit and learn from our past this section of the Show has to be a favourite.

OTF Red Tractor

Old Time Farming 2