We were delighted to welcome the Metropolitan Mounted Police to the 2016 New Forest and Hampshire County Show as our main ring attraction.

The Metropolitan Police Service Mounted Branch has a long and distinguished history. Horses were first used by the police in the late 18th century to deal with highwaymen. The 21st century police horse is essential to managing crowd dynamics at large events and offers an effective means of community and crime-reduction policing providing an imposing but approachable presence on the streets of London.

The Activity Ride provides a fast moving display demonstrating a high level of skill and agility from both horse and officer. Inch perfect timing, total commitment, professionalism and complete trust are required as horses jump through fire, an opaque paper wall and complete fast crossovers. The riders will demonstrate their equitation skills by removing and replacing their jackets, taking off the stirrup irons and finally the saddles whilst the horses continue to jump a series of bush jumps.

Police horses are selected on account of their overall temperament, and then will undertake an extensive training program at the Mounted Branch Training Establishment before any operational deployment.

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Metropolitan Mounted Police Activity Ride